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Our City
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Mission Statement

Our City is a progressive grassroots network dedicated to linking families, neighbors, communities and elected officials with a shared vision of a better San Francisco and California.

We support universal human and civil rights; economic, racial, gender, and environmental justice; full LGBT rights; open, well run, and responsive government; a clean environment with safe, healthy, food and water; 100% clean, renewable energy and a Green New Deal; Medicare for All; free public education and college; universal and free public transportation; fair treatment and full empowerment for workers; affordable housing as a right and an end to homelessness; empowered neighborhoods; and decent, intelligent elected officials, who will work hard for the people they represent.

San Francisco's strength is our long time support for these progressive principles. Unfortunately, some downtown and corporate business interests have been running well financed and coordinated campaigns to remake San Francisco into something it is not.

eighborhoods are being homogenized by corporate chain stores and decimated by gentrification driven by
corporate real estate speculators. Low to middle income tenants, and local small and minority-owned businesses, are being driven out by Wall Street landlords charging shy-high rents. Those least able to help themselves are vilified for political gain. A once vibrant artistic community is being priced out of the city. And above all, far too often, elected officials place the interests of big financial supporters over the concerns of everyday people.

Our City is committed to organizing the people at a grassroots level as an alternative to big money politics. By involving people directly in the democratic process, we can elect representatives and pass measures that support neighborhoods, environmental progress, and the full diversity that makes San Francisco such a special place. You can read our organizing goals here.

We can win on the strength of our ideals and a commitment to real grassroots organizing, but we need your help. You can make a difference by volunteering your time, getting involved in issues that affect your community, and by joining Our City as a member.