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For information on volunteering, contact us at 415-756-8844 or info@ourcitysf.org



How to Get Involved

Join Our City

The best way to help out right now is to join Our City!

Your suggested $35 to $120 membership contribution ensures that Our City will be able to flourish, grow and really make a difference in San Francisco by allowing us to:

  • Continue grassroots organizing and networking in your neighborhood
  • Distribute literature and educate the public on issues concerning San Francisco
  • Create a network of citizens that can give voice and advocacy to issues concerning San Francisco
  • Coordinate powerful strategies for elections and ballot measures that will affect San Francisco

You'll also receive regular email updates about what's going on at City Hall, our campaigns, and causes and groups that are in particular need of volunteer action.

Note: Currently our credit card donation interface is being updated and is unavailable. Please see directions for sending a check or money order further below.

Or, you can send a check to:

Our City
925 Geary Street #304
San Francisco, CA  94109

Download our quick and easy membership form.

If you can't afford the $35 to $120 membership fee, we do have a reduced price membership for students and anyone with a lower income who wants to be involved. Simply donate whatever you feel you can afford and we will gladly accept your help and membership.

We are also in the process of developing a network of committed volunteers, so if you are unable to afford any contribution at the moment, but still want to help out, we will happily plug you into any one of a number of volunteer opportunities available around the city right now.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Our City at 415-756-8844 or email info@ourcitysf.org

Thanks again for your interest and your support!