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Carr Fire

Victory For Now, Action Still Needed

Huge PG&E Bailout Derailed - Help Prevent Future PG&E Bailouts, Wildfires & Pollution

In late August 2019, several Democrats who are supposed to be our allies in the state legislature (see list below) attempted to sneak through the bill AB 235, a monster 50 billion dollar bailout of PG&E that would have made ratepayers cover the costs of past wildfires caused by PG&E's criminal negligence.

In just three weeks, Californians for Energy Choice (a statewide clean energy coalition co-founded and coordinated by Our City) helped join together an uncommon alliance of environmental and consumer groups, with PG&E debt holders and big agricultural electricity customers, to fight AB 235. United together, these forces stopped the surprise bill in its tracks.

If PG&E were ever to be handed such a major bailout, its unsafe, criminal, anti-consumer operation would be free to continue barreling forward as an unaccountable corporate behemoth.

With the defeat of AB 235, PG&E can now be held more accountable, and can more easily be forced to operate more safely, and to pay for its own mistakes.

But The Battle Is Not Over

PG&E has been allowed to continue to operate as a private corporation, and will likely be responsible for future wildfires for which it will seek similar bailouts. And PG&E remains a cynical opponent of local community based clean energy programs that are replacing its monopoly over our electricity supply, with publicly managed renewable power.


Contact your state legislators with the following message:

"Please vote NO on any further bailouts of PG&E, and oppose any buy-outs of PG&E by private corporations or investors. Instead, support legislation that will take over PG&E as a state owned public utility, to be run by a Citizens Utility Board that is elected by California voters."

To find your state legislators go to:


*AND* if your legislator is one of the following who pushed AB 235, read them the riot act for acting in the interests of PG&E instead of the people, and the environment.

Democrats Behind The Attempted Monster PG&E Bailout

California Attorney General
Rob Bonta   (916) 445-9555

Senator Steven Bradford                (Gardena/Compton)

Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin     (Oxnard/Camarillo)

Assemblymember Bill Quirk          (Hayward)

Assemblymember Mike Gipson    (Compton/Carson)

Assemblymember Adam Gray     (Merced/Newman)


Assemblymember Chad Mayes    (Los Angeles - independent)