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Take Action!

Tell SF Supervisors:

Donít Undermine Voters
and Ratepayers!

Please sign and share this petition ASAP to protect San Francisco utility ratepayers!

Click this link to take action:


In June of 2008, San Francisco voters approved Proposition E which expressly mandates that one seat of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) must be held by an experienced utility ratepayer or consumer advocate. Voters demanded representation by a Commissioner who has a clear history of actual work experience protecting water, sewer, and electricity rate payers, and other consumers.

SF Supervisors Poised To Ignore The Law!

But unless we take action, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is poised to vote this Tuesday to completely ignore that voter-mandated law and approve Ike Kwon as the appointee to the SFPUC Ratepayer/Consumer Advocate seat, when Kwon has no experience at all in protecting and serving ratepayers or consumers.

Not only would this decision undermine protection of ratepayers, it would set the unacceptable precedent that when San Francisco voters pass a law on the ballot, our elected officials can ignore that law!


Sign the petition to your San Francisco Supervisors today to insist that they uphold Proposition E and reject the Mayorís appointment of Ike Kwon to the Ratepayer and Consumer Advocate Seat of the SFPUC.

Click this link to take action: