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Our City Newsletter Archive

Clean Energy Victory - Blocking Fossil Fuel Plants & Toxic Redevelopment

Fighting Gentrification - Progress Toward Free Public Internet

Renewable Energy Progress - Stopping The Corporate Internet Grab

Ousting PG&E - Muni Reform

Our First Year - Renewable Energy

Our City Begins - Saving Housing


Key Site Links & Voter Information


Local Clean Energy Alliance SF Bay Area coalition working to bring a localized clean energy revolution to Northern California.

Greenaction for Health & Environmental Justice Greenaction organizes for environmental justice throughout the western US, and has been pivotal in the fight to halt toxic gentrification in San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point.

Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco
The leading organization for tenants in the City, working to help build tenant unions and protect Housing as a Right.

350.org Reports new evidence that previous science greatly underestimated the seriousness of climate warming, and that we now need to reduce our CO2 releases to zero as quickly as possible.

Alternative News Media

SF Public Press Independent, nonprofit, in-depth news for San Francisco.

48 Hills A Bay Area anchor of alternative journalism.

The San Francisco Bay View Newspaper A foundational local and global news source for San Francisco's Southeast communities, and people of color world wide.

Mission Local - Progressive community news for the Mission District and all of San Francisco.

KPFA Radio Online, and at 94.1 FM locally. For over 70 years, the cornerstone of progressive media in our community and the nation.

Local Government

San Francisco Government Television View both live and archived city government hearings, and Board of Supervisors meetings.

SF.Gov San Francisco's city government site. Packed with information and links you need to contact, observe, and hold accountable, your local officials and agencies.



The San Francisco Department of Elections Local voter information and election returns.

Smart Voter - San Francisco This League of Women Voters site is an excellent resource for getting voting and election information specific to your individual district and precinct. Results of local, state, and national elections are posted and archived.