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Our City is working to actively change the political dynamic of San Francisco. We have reached a key turning point for making this happen. Power has been shifting strongly away from a handful of individuals and big downtown businesses that used to wield excessive influence over local decision making. We are organizing to continue shifting that power into the hands of the people and local neighborhoods.

In 1999 Tom Ammiano’s grassroots write-in campaign landed him in the run-off election for mayor. One year later, with the return of district elections, San Franciscans voted a progressive slate of candidates into majority status on the Board of Supervisors. In 2003, the excitement surrounding Green Party candidate Matt Gonzalez’s mayoral bid further surprised and energized local elections. And in each of the Fall 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012 elections, voters returned a progressive majority to the Board, despite Downtown’s massively funded efforts to re-entrench corporate and developer control of City government.

All of this proves that grass roots action can transform the city we love into one we will be even more proud of.  But the movement for lasting change in San Francisco, and beyond, is larger than any one candidate or campaign. It's about the hard work of year-round organizing face to face with fellow San Franciscans, to build a network of residents throughout the city who know what's at stake, and can join to make a difference in both San Francisco, and the greater world.

Our City is doing this work. But we need your help. Every person who gets involved adds more energy to a growing force to be reckoned with in San Francisco politics. And each new member brings us closer to telling special interests, once and for all, that no matter how many millions of dollars they spend, this is and will remain, Our City!

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