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100% Local Clean Energy & Climate Justice

On January 12, 2016, after a twelve year battle against resistance from a PG&E corrupted Mayor's office, clean energy advocates succeed in dragging the mayoral appointed San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) almost kicking and screaming, into at last launching San Francisco's CleanPowerSF program. The program was established to compete with PG&E and run our community on 100% local clean electricity within a decade.

Since 2004, Our City has been an unwavering leader of the community coalition that brought CleanPowerSF to its successful launch.

That moment in 2016 was full of promise for the City, and the world, because the plan was for San Francisco to become the first major city on Earth to give thousands of local workers new jobs building our own local clean energy network, to replace PG&E's overpriced fossil fuel based electricity delivered over its expensive, wasteful, and wildfire dangerous long distance power lines.

More Clean Energy, But SFPUC Betrays The Intent Of CleanPowerSF

The SFPUC betrayed that plan. Though CleanPowerSF has brought us a lot more clean energy than PG&E, the SFPUC has made sure that nearly all of that clean electricity is still being purchased at long distances and delivered over PG&E's hazardous long range power lines (the main source of PG&E's bloated profit-gouging of its customers).

The hiring of thousands of local workers to turn San Francisco into the most revolutionary, locally green city on Earth, independent from corporate energy monopolies, was never begun.

So Our City is now leading a new effort to insist that our elected San Francisco Board of Supervisors pass the needed laws to immediately build San Francisco's local energy network.

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Coalition Demands The Original Plan Now Be Built, To Bring San Francisco
100% Local Clean Energy & Climate Justice Within A Decade

Building our own community-based 100% clean energy network will not only provide thousands of badly needed local jobs, and give us independence from PG&E's monopoly and dangerous power lines. It will also bring Climate Justice to San Francisco.

What Is Climate Justice?

The City's most economically vulnerable neighborhoods are also the most vulnerable to air pollution from fossil fuel energy burning, and climate crisis impacts such as heat waves, electricity blackouts, wildfire smoke, and sea level rise.

These 'Frontline Communities' also have our highest levels of unemployment and face major economic hurdles to adopting rooftop solar and other clean energy advancements that would save money, improve local air quality, and bolster resiliency from electricity shutoffs.

Building our own, city-run, local clean energy network will allow us prioritize frontline communities to be first in line for union jobs and local businesses building and operating clean energy and efficiency installations. It is vital that we use our response to the climate crisis to give these communities a lift up to both protect them, and help provide them with reparations that are long overdue.

The City & The Planet Cannot Wait Any Longer

The planet's climate, and San Franciscans who badly need jobs and climate crisis protections, simply cannot wait any longer for action. Scientists are now telling us that we are already past the point of high climate danger and we need to take drastic action now to dramatically change how San Francisco and all other communities on earth use energy.

The Board of Supervisors must immediately move to build our local clean energy network in no more than 10 years. Take action below to tell them to do so.

What You Can Do

Email the San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Today!

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The Board of Supervisors

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Sample Letter for Local Clean Energy & Climate Justice:

Dear Supervisors,

of the urgent need for jobs, local clean energy, environmental justice, community resilience, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, it is vital that you pass legislation to plan and build a 100% local clean energy and climate justice infrastructure for San Francisco within the next ten years.

Thank You,

[Insert your name and street address here.]