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Solar Bridge


50% Solar & Wind Power For San Francisco!

On July, 18, 2012 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed legislation to launch CleanPowerSF, a program that will build enough solar, wind and energy efficiency projects to run San Francisco on 50% clean, renewable electricity within the next decade. The program also puts an end to San Francisco's century long dependence on Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) for its electricity supply.

Beginning in April 2004, Our City led the grassroots field operation that helped bring about the passage of this groundbreaking legislation.

Scores of other cities are waiting to follow San Francisco's example for their own clean power projects, so passage of this measure will help lead California, the U.S., and the planet, into a clean, local, renewable energy powered future.

But there is more to be done.

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee, under pressure from PG&E, is erecting political roadblocks to halt the program.
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And PG&E is also maneuvering on the state level to retain its polluting fossil fuel empire in California.

PG&E Could Addict Us To Dirty Energy If We Don't Keep CleanPowerSF On Track

The California Public Utilities Commission has given PG&E the opening to beat renewable energy to the punch and force California electricity consumers to pay for several new fossil fuel power plants, and a dangerous 25 year extension of it's nuclear power production at its aging Diablo Canyon power plant.

To fuel its new plants, PG&E is now expanding highly environmentally destructive natural gas fracking in the Rocky Mountain states. PG&E also plans to export massive amounts of this highly polluting gas to China through a huge pipeline to be run from Northern California to a proposed Oregon liquid natural gas port. This export scenario will strain gas supplies in the U.S. and thereby trigger yet more increases in natural gas based electricity prices.

To challenge this backward natural gas plan, the City is now in contract negotiations with clean energy providers. It is crucial that the Board of Supervisors make sure that the negotiations are successful, and that CleanPowerSF is launched immediately.

What You Can Do

Email the San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Today!

Click on and then send to:

The Board of Supervisors

the following sample, or your own composition...

Sample Letter To Support The Launch Of CleanPowerSF:

Dear Supervisors,

I am outraged that Mayor Lee has used his political influence on the SFPUC to delay the launch of CleanPowerSF. It is crucial to worldwide efforts to reverse the climate crisis, that San Francisco take a strong lead in local clean energy installation and green jobs as quickly as possible.

Please use your authority over CleanPowerSF, as granted to county boards and city councils by the State legislature, to begin the program immediately.

Also, please make sure that CleanPowerSF will run San Francisco on 50% locally generated clean electricity within the next decade, so that the program will deliver legitimate climate benefits and thousands of local jobs.

Thank You,

[Insert your name and street address here.]