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Diesel Bus Phase-Out

On March 2, 2004 two-thirds of San Francisco voters approved Proposition I to help clean up the city’s air. The measure required MUNI to phase out its 100 most polluting diesel buses, with the objective of eventually eliminating all diesels.

Prop I set a clear timetable for retiring the old diesels and required MUNI to replace them with new buses that meet the same modern pollution standards set for other city vehicles.

The city gained a cleaner, quieter and more reliable public transportation system. And the resulting reduction in diesel emissions reduced the public health impacts and financial costs of air pollution.

The passage of Prop I helped put San Francisco on a path of progressively reducing its mass transit and taxi emissions with each passing year.

Our City played a key role in spreading the word about Prop I. Our field team passed out voter information to households throughout the city, and Our City volunteers turned out in the weeks before the election, to make sure as many voters as possible knew about Prop I.