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San Francisco Clean Energy Program Defended

In 2015, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) launched Proposition G on the San Francisco ballot in a grab to protect its monopoly dirty energy profits from cleaner community-based competition.

Prop G would have allowed PG&E to pretend its dirtier fossil and nuclear-based energy was ‘greener’ than San Francisco’s far more clean, renewable, CleanPowerSF program.

CleanPowerSF was set to provide twice as much clean energy as PG&E, and at the same or lower rates.

Prop G was so outrageous that it would have even prohibited CleanPowerSF from calling rooftop solar panels clean energy!

In response to Prop G, Our City and other ally environmental and consumer groups drafted a competing measure (Prop H) to strike down PG&E's ballot measure, and to call out PG&E's nuclear power as polluting, not clean.

Fearing a strong public debate over its nuclear power, PG&E backed down from its Prop G campaign and allowed Prop H to run unopposed.

Voters easily saw through PG&E's deceptive measure, overwhelmingly voted No on Prop G, and passed Prop H by over 80%.

Two months later in January 2016, CleanPowerSF was successfully launched.